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Hawai'i Pro Bono Mental Health Center

No cost services for those without health care insurance 

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Provision of Psychological Services to Rural Communities Award

Presented to a Hawaii psychologist who has provided significant contributions to individuals on a neighbor island or individuals living in rural areas of Oahu. 

1995 Kamana’opono Crabbe
1996 Peter Guay, Ph.D.
1997 Jacqueline Brittain, Ph.D.
1998 Kathleen McNamara, Ph.D.
1999 Bruce Hansen, Ph.D.
2000 none presented
2001 Christopher Barthel III, Ph.D.
2002 Ellen Caringer, Ph.D.
2003 John Myhre, Psy.D.
2004 K. Beth Yano, Ph.D.
2005 Jill Oliveira, Ph.D.
2005 Robin E.S. Miyamoto, Psy.D.
2006 Fahy Bailey, Ph.D.
2007 Roger Weiss, Ph.D.
2008 Timothy K. Ambrose, Ph.D.
2009 A. Aukahi Austn, Ph.D.
2010 Michelle Zalenski, Psy.D.
2011 Allison Hu Seales, Ph.D.
2012 Judith White, Psy.D.
2013 Alex Walter, Ph.D.
2014 Sandra Takamine, Ph.D.
2015 Adrianna Flavin, Ph.D., LLC 
2016Dianne Gerard, Ph.D. 

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