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The Psychologically Healthy Workplace 

Kaikor Construction Company
2009 Award Winner: Small Business Category

Kaikor Construction Company has set the  performance standard in  Hawai'i for  structural  contracting while  establishing a  position of  leadership and serving the   ever demanding construction  community. 

The company’s motto  summarizes its focus nicely:  "Cementing communities,  bridging  the islands." The  core values are honesty,  reliability, respect, safety.

  • There are company retreats twice each year to allow employees to participate in  company decision making and to serve as forums for formal employee development  projects.
  • Employees are encouraged to continue their formal educations through college and professional development programs with 100% of their tuition being reimbursed.
  • Each staff member creates a 5-year personal development plan that is reviewed and updated yearly.
  • Employees are explicitly recognized for their contributions and milestones in various ways. There is an Employee of the Year given and throughout the year, the company sponsors lunches recognize birthdays and professional achievements.
  • The company supports flexible leave options as well as flexible work arrangements, including the ability to work from home if the job requirements allow it.
  • Employees are given their birthdays off.
  • To encourage community development and support local business, every Friday the employees participate in a lunch program, where they go to a different restaurant in the neighborhood. Once a month the lunch is paid for by the company.
  • The office manager is a professional nutritionist, and as such, healthy snacks and food are always available around the office and at the annual company picnic- only healthy foods are served.
  • Twice a week, a physical trainer is hired to conduct workout sessions on site. Additionally, programs are in place to encourage weight loss and giving up smoking.
  • Safety is of highest priority. It is the first topic discussed in each issue of the newsletter, and each workday in the field begins with stretching exercises and a safety talk.
  • Kaikor has formal mechanisms for encouraging community service. Each employee is granted two paid days off per year to participate in community volunteer work of the employee's choice

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