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The Psychologically Healthy Workplace 

Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (HECO)
2002 Award Winner: Large Business Category

Space does not permit us to list the multitude of programs that HECO provides to promote the safety, health and career growth of their employees. The first utility in the nation to provide CPR training for all employees, HECO has recently upgraded this commitment by providing portable defibrillators on all of its service vehicles.

Career planning is available online to all employees, mentoring is supported by several programs. Upon retirement, tradespersons are not only allowed to take their tools, HECO has the tools delivered to their home the day after their retirement.

Perhaps most impressive is the organizations commitment to community involvement. In addition to the numerous formal programs that encourage and support local community efforts, employees are empowered to seek opportunities where they can make a difference. For example, employees are encouraged to use HECO equipment for community projects. One employee recently used a HECO hole digger to help install basketball goals at a local playground.

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