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HPA Convention 2010
Convention Programs: October 29, 2010

Integrating Sword Time Therapy Into Your Practice (2 CE)

Richard M. Sword, Ph.D.

Robert Hollis, Ph.D.

Rosemary Sword

At the 2008 HPA Convention, Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D. challenged the Hawaii clinical psychology community to develop a therapy based upon his revolutionary theories as put forth in The Time Paradox. Dr. Rick and Rose Sword took on the challenge and recognized the work they were doing with veterans suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder fit perfectly into Drs. Zimbardo and Boyd’s theory. Sword Time Therapy has proven through longitude studies over an 18 month period to be an effective and long lasting therapeutic intervention for PTSD not only among veterans but also among civilian population. It has been successfully used to treat disorders ranging from cardiac rehabilitation to agoraphobia. The presentation this afternoon will introduce the participants as to how to integrate Sword Time Therapy into their practice and to provide an opportunity to become certified in Sword Time Therapy.

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