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HPA Convention 2012  

Convention Afternoon Programs: Friday October 19, 2012

Temporal Theory and Time Perspective Therapy: A Psychology for the Future

Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D.
Richard Sword, Ph.D.
Rose Sword

Time Perspective Therapy “TPT” is a time based therapy that focuses on the future as well as the past for a Balanced Time Perspective. Theory, research and practice of TPT will be highlighted. Time Perspective Therapy was developed by the Swords to assist their patients suffering from chronic and severe PTSD. 

Based on Zimbardo’s Temporal Theory as described in The Time Paradox (2008), measured by The Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI) and quantified in a longitudinal pilot research project by Brunskill, et al, Time Perspective Therapy approaches behavioral therapy through a new time-oriented method. 

Presenters will describe not only Temporal Theory and Time Perspective Therapy, but also unveil the results of a four year clinical trial that indicate significant decreases in patients anxiety, depression and PTSD symptoms. Time Perspective Therapy is a rapid, effective and enduring method that assists people in adapting to the depression, stress and trauma in our ever changing world.

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