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HPA Convention 2012  

Convention Morning Programs: Friday October 19, 2012

Validation of Outcome Measures Used in Rural, Integrated Healthcare Settings

Jill Oliveira Gray, Ph.D., Chair
Justin Maeda, M.A.
Heather McDermott, M.A.

As we continue to move forward toward a person-centered, evidence based healthcare model of integrated service delivery, a more comprehensive understanding of outcome measures is essential. Research indicates health disparities in rural populations in Hawai`i, specifically among Native Hawaiians. 

Native Hawaiians experience significantly higher health and behavioral health risks, poorer health status, and lower life expectancy rates compared to other ethnic groups in Hawai`i. Contributing to this problem is a lack of valid assessment measures to identify and monitor treatment progress with rural populations. 

Preliminary analyses of the SF-12 and Duke Health Inventory of approximately 500 patients, the majority who are Native Hawaiian with comorbid physical and mental health conditions, recruited from various community health centers in Hawai`i, support the use of both measures as valid and reliable for rural populations in Hawai`i. Recommendations for future research directions will be discussed.

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